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Tourna Ballport 80 Ball Basket with Wheels


Includes $9 GST (AUS Residents Only)

Ideal for when you are practicing your strokes and serves, fold the legs up and carry, press on top of tennis balls for them to pop in. Fold the legs down and open the top, to have the tennis balls at a convenient and reachable height. Ballport is made of durable polypropylene. No rusting, no paint peeling, no weld breaks. The Ballport Deluxe (With Wheels) has handles 4 inches longer than the Classic Ballport making it easier to reach for your tennis balls in quick succession. In addition to this we have added wheels meaning you can now pull it behind you instead of carrying it.

Patented features:

  • Holds x80 balls
  • Bars roll at bottom so balls easily lift into basket. Two sliding bars at top provide for quick closure.
  • Handles lock in place in up and down position with built in locking mechanisms. Handles are now 33” long instead of 28”.
  • Unique design assembles quickly.
  • Two Wheels
  • Comes flat packed.

Tip on assembly. Do not over tighten the screws, just nip them up.

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 63 × 23 × 5 cm
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