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The Revolutionary New Way to Perfect Your Toss Practice ANYTIME, ANYWHERE A few minutes a day brings FAST CHANGE Quickly INCREASE CONFIDENCE with serving and overall play FREE support…

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The Revolutionary New Way to Perfect Your Toss

  • A few minutes a day brings FAST CHANGE
  • Quickly INCREASE CONFIDENCE with serving and overall play

What is TossMaster™?

TossMaster™ is an interactive template for players to understand foot position, stance and ball toss locations for the tennis serve. We all know that practice makes perfect. But, to bring effective change and learning you need to practice the right thing.

TossMaster is a tool that can be used on or off the court so you can practice anytime. Practice a few minutes for maximum results

It is made for right and left-handed players and for players of all sizes.

TossMaster shows the ball toss locations, foot placement and stances should be for a flat, slice and kick serve.

Why TossMaster™ Works!

  • TossMaster gives you immediate feedback for quick change
  • TossMaster teaches you to place the toss in the appropriate place for a specific type of serve
  • Ball toss locations and stances are clearly marked on this 4’x6’ mat. Learning to see the ball in the air as it corresponds to a landing point is critical to understanding the toss and serve technique in general
  • TossMaster allows players to integrate swing arm and toss technique that is still not making sense to you
  • Unlimited and convenient practice with a plan is the sure way to success

TossMaster™ Addresses Toss Frustrations!

Your brain needs data to run on. How do we expect to exactly set a ball in a place when we really don’t even know where that place is? We can calculate physical movements without being conscious of it if we have a plan of action. Understanding toss locations and having a plan is more important than knowing how to get it there. Location will help your brain guide your body into the “how to”.

  • Break old, negative patterns that are automatic for your body and create new, automatic technique
  • Toss phobia is real. Get a positive and no fear attitude about your toss
  • Players often need proof that they are not doing what they think they are doing. TossMaster gives you that proof and lets you move forward without frustration

TossMaster is for Everyone, Righty or Lefty & All Serve Types!

We all come in different sizes and shapes with different leg/arm lengths and foot sizes. Of course, we could not make a graphic that exactly fits everyone. Therefore, the markings for foot, position, stances and ball toss locations are specific yet general.

Make small and simple modifications:

If you use a pin-point stance you may start your feet in a slightly modified place. If you like to start with your feet slightly closer together, simply make that small modification.

If you are taller than 6’ you may need to toss your ball slightly further out to the far edge of the toss location circle. If you are shorter than 5’5” you may need to move your feet closer and bring the ball toss to the closer edge of the location circle.

Feel free to be creative with TossMaster but always keep the guidelines as goals.

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Dimensions 190 × 180 cm

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