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PermaWrist Training Aid


SnappyWrist Training Aid



Our tennis wrist teaching aid is a comfortable trainer for grooving proper forehands, single and double handed backhands and volleys. It can even serve as a tennis serve training aid.


The SnappyWristTM swing wrist training aid is a powerful patent pending training tool that provides tactile and auditory feedback to help you feel the proper tennis strokes in a more gentle way.


The PermaWrist™ Tennis Training Aid comes with a tennis elbow brace/support/band/strap that can be worn on its own.

  • Helps ease pain and discomfort from tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, forearm tendinitis and other elbow pains
  • Designed to relieve pressure on the affected tendon for maximum pain relief
  • Adjustable forearm strap
  • Comfortable Neoprene material
  • One size fits all. The brace will fit any arm between 8 – 15 inches in circumference.


The SnappyWrist™ wrist training aid makes a snapping sound when the wrist is laid back to form a proper 90 degree angle between the racket and forearm which is critical to develop effortless power and reduce the chance of tennis elbow injury.

  • Volley: At the ready position, the training aid should be in the clicked position. The wrist should be locked in that clicked position throughout the swing. This allows you to hit with the wrist laid back just like the pros do.
  • Forehand and One-handed Backhand Groundstrokes, and Backhand Slice: At the ready position or during a backswing, lay the wrist back and hear the training aid “click”. The training aid should be in that clicked position until after striking the ball. This allows you to hit with the wrist laid back just like the pros do.
  • Two-handed Backhand: The instruction is the same as that for forehand, except that the training aid is worn on your left hand.
  • How To Wear The Training Aid: Place the training aid on top of the wrist with your palm facing down so the metal insert inside the sleeve points to your middle finger. Insert the semi-circular end (Velcro end) of the band through the plastic loop and adjust the band diameter by pulling on the semi-circular end. When comfortable position has been found, press the Velcro hooks over the band to lock the band in place.
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