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Perfect Toss Diagram

Perfect Toss Trainer

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The PerfecToss Toss Trainer encourages a player to push the ball upward in the tossing motion so that it does not make a (maraca) noise on the way up to its pinnacle. This auditory feedback is both obvious and necessary.

The training ball is not pressurized, so it lands with one small bounce and stays there, indicating to the player where the ball landed in the court. Ideally, the toss will land a few inches inside the baseline, depending on the type of serve.

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The perfect toss long established by teaching pros and actively demonstrated by today’s tour pro’s, features the shoulder as the hinge, with the elbow and wrist locked. The ball is held palm up, then pushed upward and released head-high. The tossing arm continues up and helps the server keep his/her eye on the ball until it’s struck.

The most common toss mistake occurs when a player “flips” the toss using the wrist or elbow as a hinge. Add to that a poor grip, finger placement and body position, and a consistent toss is nearly impossible to achieve.

Bad tosses on serve are problematic for both the server and opponents. Most players opt to “catch” a bad toss, not hitting the ball, which delays the pace and fair spirit of the game. Wayward tosses can also lead to shoulder, back, and elbow injuries.

Improve Your Serve

Practicing with a weighted ball will make the real ball feel “lighter”, guarding against short tosses. This function is similar to the weighted rings used on baseball bats and golf clubs to warm up the players. As opposed to other toss training devices, the PerfecToss Toss Trainer can be used on court or in your living room, making every day a toss training day. A better toss will improve your serve! And please consider professional instruction to help you develop a killer serve.

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