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Sweet Spot
Compatable with Most Rackets

Control Adjustable Dampeners

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Side snap attachment provides more secure fastening for every stringing pattern.

Like finger placement on a guitar, a 4-pack of CTRL Dampeners provides an unending variety of chords and notes to maximize the performance of your racquet.

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Easy To Use

Control Dampeners are easily attached to any two strings outside the string bed with a convenient side-snap feature.  They are made of medium-hard rubber that’s a bit sticky, so they can be moved, but will stay put in a location once play begins. Used as a system, Control Dampeners provide any number of dampening variations, they won’t break like worms, and they’re less likely to pop off than buttons.

Your New Strategic Ally

Armed with the knowledge of how a set of Control Dampeners can affect the distance and power of your shots, you can rely on them to be a strategic ally during play. If you need to blast a first serve or hit a delicate drop volley on the next return, your dampeners will be there to help you.

Moving the Sweet Spot

There are actually three sweet spots on a racquet face. All three are about six strings wide and they’re centered on the racquet along the vertical axis. Each one is “sweet” in a different way.

The Center of Percussion (COP) is normally very close to the absolute center of the strings. At the COP, the shock to your hand/arm will be minimal. The Maximum Coefficient of Restitution (COR), just below the COP, returns the maximum power to the ball. And, the Node of First Harmonic, just above the COP transmits the least amount of vibration to your hand/arm. Together, these three “spots” comprise the “Sweet Zone”.

Modern racquets with their larger heads have added width and height to the Zone. Use of Control Dampeners across 6-8 mains effectively shortens the length of those strings and moves the entire Zone up based on the new mid-line. This places the powerful COR where the COP once was. Given that it is more common (and desirable) for players to hit above the mid-line, Control Dampeners can add power and control to your game.

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